an * indicates my favorite products



Ener-G (Gluten Free List
Food For Life (Gluten Free List) bread, English muffins, tortillas
French Meadow Bakery (Gluten Free List) Bread, tortillas
Glutino/Genius (Gluten Free List) bread, bagels, English muffins
Katz (Gluten Free List) – bread*, rolls*, buns, bread crumbs, Challah*
Kinnikinnick (Gluten Free List
Rudi’s (Gluten Free List*
Udi’s (Gluten Free List) bread, bagels


Bakery On Main (Gluten Free List)*
Barbara’s Bakery (Gluten Free List)*
Enjoy Life (Gluten Free List) Cereal, Chewy Bars, Granola
Lara Bar (Gluten Free List) all flavors are gf
Nature’s Path (Gluten Free List)*
Pamela’s (Gluten Free List) Whatever Bars
Rise Bar (Gluten Free List)
Soy Joy Bars (Gluten Free List)* all flavors are gf
The Simply Bar (Gluten Free List)* all flavors are gf


Enjoy Life (Gluten Free List) – Cookies*
French Meadow Bakery (Gluten Free List) Brownies*
Katz (Gluten Free List) – Cookies, Pies, cakes, cupcakes, rugelech*
Kinnikinnick (Gluten Free List
Pamela’s (Gluten Free List) Cookies, biscotti
Udi’s (Gluten Free List) – Cookies, brownies, bagels, muffins, cinnamon rolls


Arrowhead Mills (Gluten Free List)* flours, cookies, cake, pancakes, pizza, other mixes
Bob’s Red Mill (Gluten Free List) Mixes & Flours
Cherrybrook Kitchen (Gluten Free List) cookies, brownies, cake, pancake mix
Ener-G (Gluten Free List)
French Meadow Bakery (Gluten Free List) Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough
Gluten Free Pantry (Gluten Free List)* all purpose flour, cookies, cake, pancakes, bread, pizza, muffins
King Arthur Flour (Gluten Free List) all prupose flour, cookies, cake, muffins, pancakes, bread, pizza, muffins
Kinnikinnick (Gluten Free List)
Pamela’s (Gluten Free List) cookies, cake, pancakes, frosting, cornbread, muffins
Simply Organic (Gluten Free List)


Ben and Jerry’s (Gluten Free Flavors)
Edy’s Ice Cream (Gluten Free Flavors)*
Hood (Gluten Free Flavors)
J.P. Lick’s (Gluten Free Flavors
Amy’s Kitchen (Gluten Free List)*
College Inn (Gluten Free List
Pacific Natural Foods (Gluten Free List) broths, soups, pho
Progresso (website)*
Swanson – Natural Goodness Chicken Broth, Chicken & Vegetable Broth

Wolfgang Puck – all organic broths & many soups


Bob’s Red Mill (Gluten Free List)
French Meadow Bakery (Gluten Free List)
Katz (Gluten Free List)
Rudi’s (Gluten Free List)
Emeril’s (Gluten Free List)
Ken’s Foods (Gluten Free List)
Newman’s Own (Gluten Free List)*
San-J (Gluten Free List)*
Wish-Bone (website)* many gf, now labeling bottles

Ian’s (Gluten Free List) Waffles, chicken nuggets, pizza, cookies, fries, mac no cheese
Glutino (Gluten Free List) pastas, pizzas

Nature’s Path(Gluten Free List) – waffles
SoL Cuisine (Website)* burgers
Van’s Natural Foods (Gluten Free List) – waffles*, french toast sticks

Blue Diamond (website) Nuts, Nut Thins, Nut Chips only products with gluten Jordan Almonds andWasabi & Soy Sauce Almonds
Dagoba Organic Chocolate (Website) authentic & unsweetened hot chocolate, chocolate
Endangered Species Chocolate (website)
Ener-g (Gluten Free List)* pretzels*, crackers
Frito Lay (Gluten Free List) varieties of Lay’s, Fritos, Tostitos
Gluntio (Gluten Free List)* pretzels*, crackers*, bagel chips, wafers* 
Late July (website)* multigrain snack chips
Orville Redenbacher’s (website) all jar and microwave, excluding Crunch n Munch and Poppycook
Swiss Miss (website)* all varieties

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