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Snowflakes (Chocolate Covered Coconut)

My grandmother used to buy a dessert every Christmas called Snowflakes from a French bakery in Auburn, Maine. A few years ago it went out of business and she was crushed. For her 90th birthday two years ago I decided to try and replicate the dessert. The recipe I’ve come up with, after some trial and error, tastes almost exactly like those French Snowflakes from Maine. Now, for every family gathering, I make them. It’s the first thing to go, before the appetizers, the meal and the dessert is even out, the whole is eating them and hiding some for later (no joke).

These are really easy to make, but can get a little messy with the melted chocolate.


     7 ounces sweetened condensed milk
     1 cup powdered sugar
     1 tablespoon pure vanilla extract
     1 teaspoon almond extract
    14 ounces unsweetened coconut flakes (I’ve also used sweetened and it comes out fine)
    12-16 ounces semi-sweet chocolate chips

1. Mix together the milk, almond extract and vanilla extract.
2. Mix in the powdered sugar.
3.  Gradually add in the coconut. The mixture will be thick. Place in the fridge for 30-40 minutes, it’s easier to work with when it is cold.
4.  Remove the mixture from the fridge. Line a cookie tray with parchment paper. Shape the coconut into ‘logs’, about 2 inches long and 3/4 inches wide. You can make them all different sizes, bigger or smaller, it’s really your preference. Make sure you press the coconut logs together very well so the mixture sticks together. Place the logs of coconut on the baking sheet and put back in the fridge while you melt the chocolate (remember, it’s easier to work with when cold.).
5. Melt the chocolate in the microwave or using a double broiler. If using a double broiler, make sure to stir constantly so the it doesn’t stick or burn to the bottom of the pan.
6. Once the chocolate is completely melted, turn off the heat. Remove the coconut try from the fridge and dip each log half way into the chocolate. You might have to you a spoon to help spread the chocolate evenly (this can get a little messy). Place the half dipped candies back onto the parchment paper/cookie tray.If the chocolate starts to get too thick, simply reheat it again for a few minutes; this should do the trick!
7. Once all the coconut candies have been dipped, place in the fridge for 45-60 minutes to let the chocolate harden. Serve and enjoy!
8. Keep the extras (yea, right, like there will be extras!) stored in the fridge. If you are going to layer the candies in a jar or container, use wax or parchment paper between the layers. It’s not necessary but if you are traveling or the candies will be out of the fridge for a long period of time, I would recommend doing so.



NEW! Hershey’s recently published a list of their gluten free products on their website, and I just had to share! The following is taken from their website.

” Hershey is committed to providing products that meet your dietary needs, and many people today are interested in gluten-free foods.

A food bearing a gluten-free claim does not contain the protein from wheat, rye, barley, spelt, kamut, triticole, farina, vital gluten semolina, malt vinegar or protein derivatives of these foods.

The products listed below have been fully evaluated and qualify as gluten free using standards proposed by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Please note this list is not all inclusive as we have other gluten-free confections.

The best way to determine if our products contain a gluten ingredient is to read our product label. This label includes an accurate, current listing of the ingredients in our products. Because, on occasion, the list of ingredients can change, we strongly encourage you to check the ingredient label on the package each time before you make a purchase.

Last updated March 29th, 2012



HERSHEY’S Butterscotch Chips
HERSHEY’S Cinnamon Chips
HERSHEY’S Milk Chocolate Chips
HERSHEY’S MINI CHIPS Semi-Sweet Chocolate
HERSHEY’S Premier White Chips
HERSHEY’S Semi Sweet Chocolate Chips
REESE’S Peanut Butter Chips

HERSHEY’S – Baking Bars

HERSHEY’S Semi Sweet Baking Bar
HERSHEY’S Unsweetened Baking Bar



DAGOBA Baking and Beverages

DAGOBA All Baking Bars
DAGOBA Cacao Powder
DAGOBA Authentic Drinking Chocolate
DAGOBA Chai Drinking Chocolate
DAGOBA Unsweetened Drinking Chocolate
DAGOBA Xocolatl Drinking Chocolate



HERSHEY’S KISSES Filled Chocolates – All

HERSHEY’S Milk Chocolate Bar

HERSHEY’S Milk Chocolate Bar (1.55oz only)
HERSHEY’S Milk Chocolate with Almonds Bar (1.45oz only)

HERSHEY’S Syrup and REESE’S Toppings

HERSHEY’S Caramel Syrup
HERSHEY’S Chocolate Syrup
HERSHEY’S Chocolate Syrup with Calcium
HERSHEY’S Chocolate Sugar Free Syrup
HERSHEY’S Lite Chocolate Syrup
HERSHEY’S Strawberry Syrup
REESE’S Chocolate Peanut Butter Topping

REESE’S Peanut Butter Cups – ALL Except Seasonal Shaped Items


SCHARFFEN BERGER 70% Bittersweet Chocolate Bar
SCHARFFEN BERGER 82% Extra Dark Chocolate Bar
SCHARFFEN BERGER 41% Milk Chocolate Bar
SCHARFFEN BERGER 62% Semisweet Dark Chocolate Bar
SCHARFFEN BERGER 99% Unsweetened Dark Chocolate Baking Bar
SCHARFFEN BERGER 70% Bittersweet Baking Chunks


SKOR Toffee Bar

YORK Peppermint Pattie – ALL

Valentine’s Day Candy

I’m not sure if I’ve ever met anyone who loves chocolate as much as I do. I eat it everyday. This is no exaggeration, just ask my coworker or my boyfriend, they know.
One of the first things I looked into when I stopped eating gluten 3 years ago was chocolate and candy. You would like I would be more concerned with everyday foods, snacks, meals etc. No, chocolate was my first priority.

I made a big list of what I could and could not eat. I was a little disappointed about some of the candies I’ll never be able to eat again, like Hershey’s cookies n’ creme, crunch bars, kit kat, and the list goes on. But I was also pleasantly surprised by the amount of candy that didn’t have gluten, so much more than I would have thought!

So seeing that tomorrow is Valentine’s day, I put together my list and added a few more items I found to be gluten free. I guess I should have posted this a few days ago huh? Well at least you will be prepared for all the chocolate and candy you get tomorrow! And you can always refer to this list next year!

* this list may not be complete. I do not eat peanuts so therefore I have never looked up information regarding peanut containing candies (Reese’s, babe Ruth, etc).
** some of these items are produced on equipment that also produces gluten containing products and/or produced in a facility that has gluten
*** products and ingredients can and do change. So please read all labels first and if you are unsure double or triple check their website or call.

  • 3 Musketeers (all flavors)
  • Andes creme de menthe
  • Almond Joy 
  • Bit-O-Honey 
  • Bottle Caps (Wonka)
  • Cella’s Cherries, milk chocolate covered cherries
  • Charlston Chew
  • Charms Blow Pops, super blow pops and Valentine Pops
  • DeMets Turtles
  • Disney Lollipop Rings -Flix Candy
  • Disney lollipops packaged with Valentine cards (I noticed this tonight at CVS)
  • Dots (including Valentine & tropical Dots)
  • Dove Chocolates (all)
  • Dum-Dums lollipops
  • Everlasting Gobstopper Heartbreakers (Wonka)
  • Fannie May  (solid chocolate)
  • Fruit Rolls
  • Fun Dips (Wonka)
  • Galerie Candy Jewelry Making Kit
  • Galerie Diamond Ring with candy treats
  • Galerie Marshmallow Cupcake lollipops
  • Ghirardelli chocolate squares, including milk chocolate, dark chocolate, caramel and dark chocolate with raspberry
  • Gobbers
  • Hershey Bliss chocolates including dark chocolate, milk chocolate, milk chocolate with meltaway centers, and milk chocolate with raspberry meltaway centers “Manufactured on the same equipment that processes peanuts and tree nuts.”
  • Hershey Milk Chocolate Bar, milk chocolate bar with almonds
  • Hershey Kisses (plain chocolate)
  • Hot Tamales 
  • Hershey’s Pot of Gold, including Premium Chocolates, Pecan Caramel Clusters, and Truffles
  • Hubba Bubba Max bubble gum, and bubble tape
  • iCarly Valentine Candy Card Kit (cards and lollipops)
  • Jelly Belly
  • Jolly Rancher candy
  • Juicee Gummee Baby Bears
  • Junior Mints
  • Laffy Taffy
  • Life Savers hard candy and lollipops, including Candy and Card Valentine Pack
  • Life Savers gummy candy (including Gummies, Big Ring Gummies, Candy and Card Valentine Pack)
  • Mike and Ike 
  • Milky Way Midnight Bar and Caramel Bar
  • M&Ms –milk chocolate, dark chocolate, coconut
  • Necco Wafers
  •  Nips – regular and sugar-free
  • Peeps marshmallows
  • PEZ
  • Pixy Stix (Wonka)
  • Pop Rocks popping candy 
  • Raisinets
  • See’s candies (not all varieties, check website for gluten free list)
  • Skittles
  • Smarties
  • Sno-caps
  • Starburst
  • Sunny Seed Drops candy chocolate covered sunflower seeds
  • Surf Sweets Gummy candy – “Gluten Free”
  • Sweetheart Conversation Hearts
  • Toblerone
  • Tootsie Rolls and Tootsie Pop
  • Warheads Extreme Sour candy
  • York Peppermint Pattie